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Islam and computer games

This topic isn't really book related so please feel free to close this down if its not suitable, but I wanted to talk about Islam and computer games (as there is no Muslims Play :D).

I started playing computer games when I had a Spectrum 128K (how processors have moved on!), then I got into console like the Megadrive (Genesis in the States), and now I like to play the occasional strategy game on the PC. Anyway I'm sure that most games were not exactly Muslim or Arab friendly back in the day as games like Desert Strike or Tomahawk Sim had you attacking 'terrorists' in Lebanon, Iraq etc or saving the president of the US from turbaned bearded fanatics! However games have somewhat moved on from these racist/bigoted stereotypes, and one of these games is the Medieval: Total War series. These games are set just after William the Conquerer taking the throne of England from himself and ends with the fall of Constantanople, but features 'events' like the discovery of gunpowder, Crusades, Jihads, Reconquista of Iberia to inventions like the wheelbarrow and Islamic paper mills in Europe.

You can play as one of the many factions catagorised by religion (Christian, Muslim, Orthodox) such as Norman England, The Almohads, The Turks, Byzantium and the Holy Roman Empire etc. Though the game follows history, you do have the ability to change history eg if you are playing as Egypt you have to make sure you are prepared for the crusades and the Golden Horde invasion. You can also spread your religion peacefully (by sending Imams or Priests to different settlements) or more forcefully, such as Jihads and Crusades.

Its a really fun game where you can build up your economy and take control of battles themselves by choosing tactics and formations for your troops.

Its refreshing to find a historical game that can remain neutral.
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