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The End of Poverty

Salaamu alaykum! :)

This book doesn't refer to religion at all . . . but made me think a lot. So much of the vision of the Quran is for social justice and this book addresses that issue in global terms regarding the possibility of ending extreme poverty (people living on less than $1 per day) within our lifetimes. In particular, this book addresses itself to the problems of Africa (where most of the world's extreme poor still live) using examples and stories from the success of programs for economic development in other countries such as Bolivia, Russia, Poland, India and China. He argues that if the richest countries in the world would merely act on the commitments they have already made in regards to foreign aid, with appropriate use in the countries it is directed to, extreme poverty could be eradicated.

I really enjoyed reading this book -- it is not too academic or dry -- actually the first time I ever felt like anything I read about economics was about actual people and not money. Never before has reading about economics made me think about God. :) So, I'd definitely recommend reading this book . . . . 

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